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Enhancing Health & Mobility In The Lives Of Our Pets


How Can We Be Of Assistance

In partnering with our clients and their veterinarian, we are able to provide the best treatment plans to assist in the rehabilitation of your small domestic pets.

T'G Canines range of rehabilitative services focus on encouraging healing, reducing pain, strengthening and increasing or maintaining optimum range of mobility.

We Can Help Treat


Senior Dogs

Slow and Uncomfortable
Muscle weakness

Dog Contest

Sporting Dogs

Overall Body Condition


Dog in Cone

Injured Dogs

Elbow Dysplasia
Medial Shoulder Instability
Stifle Conditions
Muscle Adhesions


 WE Can Also Help With...... 

Stressed Dogs
Dogs struggling with Obesity


  • T'G Canines staff aim to make rehabilitation enjoyable for your pet by adopting methods of positive reinforcement

  • It is our main priority to be able to give every pet a second chance at life and we know financial requirement can be the most common limiting factor. That's why we have created a weekly payment option, set up as direct deposit. No on the spot big bills. Think of it as a gym membership for your pet. 

  • We tailor programs specific to each individuals needs.

  • We liaise with your pets veterinarian making sure all aspects of recovery are covered, such as monitoring  pain management and the progression of recovery. Referrals from your Vet are required prior to your pets first Rehabilitation consultation In order for us to arrange a treatment regime focused specifically around your pet's health.

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