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Canine Myofunctional Therapy

What is Canine Myofunctional Therapy?

Canine Myofunctional Therapy is a "hands on"treatment based around optimising muscular function by incorporating specific techniques via the means of massage and stretching.Myofunctional Therapy accurately locates and assess the levels of tension and abnormalities in the soft tissues of your dog. Once identifying these areas of discomfort and restriction Myofunctional Therapy tehniques focus on improving blood flow, activating trigger points to release blockages and reducing pain and inflammation. Myofunction Therapy aids to improve bio-mechanical function and overall performance in the lives of our beloved canines.

Initial Consultation $78 can be provided at your home or at T'G Canines. Initial consultations are a requirement prior to booking a treatment.

½ Hour Treatment $48 OR

1 Hour Treatment $58

Optional Service:

Pick up and Drop off

Is A Natural Detox, As It Stimulates The Lymphatic System, Assisting With The Removal Of Toxins.
Increases Range Of Movement            
Relieves Tension
Helps Ease Discomfort    
Enhances The Intake Of Nutrients
Increases Circulation             
Relieves Stress & Anxiety      
Encourages Self Healing & Relaxation
Slows Down The Onset Of Arthritis

 Why  Your Dog May Require Muscle Therapy

  • Your Dog is finding it hard to move freely

  • Suffering from arthritis

  • Unusual behaviour such as your Dog has stopped jumping up on the bed or couch

  • Your dog has had an injury

  • You think your dog requires some extra TLC

  • If your dog is anxious

  • Your dog is highly active, especially when their activity involves jumping

  • Your dog is a Sporting Dog

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