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What you can expect from us

Your beloved pets are cared for as if they are our own.

Our Vision & Promise

T’G Canines is a business devoted to supporting animal welfare. Our aim is to improve and maintain the overall comfort, happiness and health of as many animals as possible.

We will not put any animal through unnecessary pain or discomfort. It is important to us that your pet has a pleasant experience while under the care of T’G Canines.

T'G Canines Story


Welcome to our web page !

The foundation of T'G Canines is based on Tamara's accreditation's as a Canine Groomer, Canine Myofunctional Therapist,Hydrotherapist and her Diploma Of Animal Technology.

Tamara has devoted her education to animals and continues to be inspired to further her education, enabling her to offer a range of treatments specialized in assisting with animal recovery, comfort and overall well being.
"I Love Animals, Anatomy and physiology and i am blessed to be able to bring forward my qualifications to T'G Canines with the aim of Keeping prices affordable, so that we can all welcome the rehabilitation possibility and hopefully help to improve the duration of mobility and comfort in our pets lives".    


Volunteering & Fundraising

Tamara has been a wildlife rescuer for Wildlife Vic for many years until she had her children. Her love for animals extends beyond the domesticated and into the wild.

" I still try to be of help even though i am no longer directly in the field. I do this by fund raising and spreading awareness for animal welfare organizations and conservation programs".
Feel free to check out current fundraisers taking place within T’G Canines, as you attend your pet/pets appointments.
All proceeds towards the fundraisers are much appreciated and 100% of donations go to the cause that is taking place at the time of donation.


"I would like to say a big THANK YOU! To everybody that has helped support the fundraising at T’G Canines."

Who is that Doggy in the Logo

Family  companion!

T’G Canines image is one much loved and inspirational Blue Healer named Rocky. Rocky was her family’s companion for 15 years.

" He is my childhood pet. He stood up for what he loved and has played a huge role in how I came to understand Canine behaviour". 
Rocky passed away 2011

Our Team
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