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Dog Swimming


Hydrotherapy is a wonderful way to help improve Strength, Fitness and Range of Mobility.


Here at T'G Canines our Underwater Treadmill offers the safest form of Hydrotherapy for your beloved pets. The buoyancy of the water greatly reduces overall weight placed on painful or healing structures.This form of Hydrotherapy supports your pet in a controlled and specific environment, providing a safe and more comfortable state of well-being during it's general exercise  and recovery regime.  

Research shows that benefits can be gained in as little as 1-2 sessions per week!

Benefits Include:


  • Being able to commence rehabilitation earlier, reducing levels of muscle atrophy post surgery/injury.

  • Strengthening of muscles and tendons.

  • Reduces stiffness and further risk of injury.

  • Re-education of normal gait.

  • Improves fitness. Very important for pets who's exercise has been restricted.

  • Helps manage obesity

  • Speeds up recovery periods

  •  Hydrotherapy has some incredibly surprising results assisting with paralysis cases.

  • Can help with incontinence relating to muscle weakness and stimulation of feeling.

  • Assists with mobility in arthritic pets.

Dana's Story


On the 25/12/2018 Dana sustained a spinal injury that left her with a very mild ability to move her limbs, her hind legs more poorly than front legs. She was unable to stand and only able to lift her head up and down. Dana was given a prognosis of 60% chance of being able to walk again post-surgery.

Dana's surgery went well and from day one post surgery she began her rehabilitation program at T'G Canines.Starting with Myofunctional Therapy treatments daily for 2 weeks.

Her Incision healed well and Dana was given the all clear from her vet to commence with her Hydrotherapy program.

"At Two and a half weeks post-Surgery Dana stood up for the first time!"

Soon after standing she began taking steps which improved daily. Dana continued to progress well over the year and though she may have some set backs from time to time and requires monthly treatments. It is with so much joy we are able to say.....

"Dana is walking again!"

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